Self Employed

Our years of experience in the self-employed market proves there’s still hope as long as the right lender is matched with the right client.

Unfortunately the fact remains that high street lenders typically prefer to lend to employed borrowers. This means getting a mortgage when you’re self-employed can prove to be difficult and many applicants are sadly turned away.

The outlook appears to be dull and dreary however in reality there's still much hope with the right advice.

Our Self Employed experts know this market inside-out and understand the complexities of being a self employed person. How you are paid is varied dependent on your self employed status so being aware of this and how each lender will treat it becomes of huge importance.

Most high-street lenders require at least 2 years self employed earnings before considering your mortgage application. We access lenders that can accept just one years self employed earnings and rates are almost as competitive as the high-street.

Been declined elsewhere or just not sure where to go?

Take advantage of our mortgage experts industry knowledge and their ability to access mortgages designed just for the self employed. This gives you peace of mind knowing that every opportunity is explored in finding the best self employed mortgage for you.

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Our advisers specialise in removing the stress for the following;

  • Sole traders
  • Directors of a limited company
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Contractors including IT
  • Freelancers

So if you’re running your own business, you can benefit from a dedicated self employed mortgage expert in your power team ready to guide you both now and in the future.

It’s difficult to achieve a positive outcome without firstly understanding this unique and very special market inside-out. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience so you get the mortgage you deserve.